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Helix 7 VODKA

Wander the world one sip at a time

HELIX 7 has wandered the world, spiraling together cultures and ingredients to make what is in this bottle. The unique blending process of the spirits of France and the water from Iceland make up it’s unique DNA.

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The Story

Pour some culture into your glass


Helix 7 Vodka is distilled from hand selected golden winter wheat from Champagne region of France and is column distilled a minimum of 7 times. After the distillation process, the distilled spirit is shipped to Iceland where it is blended with pristine Icelandic water, finished off and filtered before it is bottled.

Due to Iceland being a very young island and primarily made up of lava rock, its water is naturally very low in minerals and high in alkalinity.

Consumers will receive an aroma of spirit on the nose and the liquid is slightly more viscous to the eye than typical vodkas on the market today. Due to the low mineral content of the Icelandic water, the sweetness of the winter wheat really comes through and showcases a citrus-forward flavor at the front of the palate, followed by a creamy mouth-feel and a very smooth finish.

Signs of Helix 7

Don´t let noisy and crowded bar get between you and being served your drink

Use one of the SIGNS OF HELIX 7 for your choice of a HELIX 7 vodka drink.

No. 1 Shot of Helix 7

No. 2 HELIX 7 with Tonic Water

No. 3 HELIX 7 with Energy

No. 4 HELIX 7 with Soda Water

No. 5 HELIX 7 Bloody Mary

No. 6 HELIX 7 with cranberry Juice

No. 7 HELIX 7 Screwdriver

No. 8 HELIX 7 Martini

No. 9 HELIX 7 Moscow Mule

No. 1 Shot of Helix 7


Stay classy

Stay classy

Muddle 1 big slice of yellow bell pepper and a handful of mint
2 Oz Helix 7 Vodka
3/4 Oz Fresh lemon juice
1/2 Oz Simple syrup
Shake served up


Muddle fresh chili pepper
(jalapello or serrano peppers are suggested based on preferred heat)
2 Oz Helix vodka
2/3 Oz Fresh lime juice
2/3 Oz Simple syrup
2/3 Oz Freshly pressed celery juice

Shake and serve over ice in a rocks glass.
Garnish with a pepper wheel or your favorite edible flower.
Vikings weakness

Vikings weakness

Muddle kiwi and cucumber
1 1/2 Oz Helix 7 vodka
1/2 Oz St Germain
3/4 Oz fresh lime juice
1/2 Oz simple syrup

Shake and add a splash of sprite before pouring the
drink into a tall glass full of fresh ice
French accent

French accent

Muddle 3-6 blackberries
1 1/2 Oz Helix 7 vodka
3/4 Oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 Oz simple syrup

Shake and add 1 Oz of champagne
before pouring the drink into a coupe

Repurposable Packaging

STEP 1: Break apart the bottle dividers inside and cut up the box

STEP 2: Use as coasters


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